Default Article Ordering

published by Konrad Friday, the 10th September of 2021 (CET)

Default, cus templates aren’t required to respect it

Sometimes, articles/chapters within a folder should be read in a certain order.
Blog Posts are usually ordered by publication date, and all narrative or informative content is usually arranged very deliberately.

I think there should be a few options to order content:

  • Prefixing filenames:,
    • the prefix must be striped in url and in cache
  • Automatic order
    • alphabetical, newest-to-oldest, oldest-to-newest
  • Caching disabled
    • in production builds, all articles except the folders index are removed from search/lists
    "orderBy": "prefix",
    "unprefixed": "newest-to-oldest"

OrderBy values: “alphabetical”, “newest-to-oldest”, “oldest-to-newest”, “prefix”, “disabled”

Series.json is only evaluated during initial build, due to sanity

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