Project TODO

published by Konrad Thursday, the 8th July of 2021 (CET)

Place any file in src/pages #

  • Just have generate.js copy them over as is ✅
  • prevent clutter in /public/assets and remain flexible

Timestamp and author field ✅ #

  • pug, md and html file can use comment header to define author, timestamp and tags ✅
  • timestamp human readable ✅
    • 04 Dec 1995 00:12:00 EST
    • something i may be able to write by hand ✅
    • eventually automate adding and editing articles with idk electron
    • client side script to compute time since publication
  • authorId: numerical id or key ✅
    • defined in /src/authors.json

Clean up pages directory #

  • seperate compiled ✅
  • document new folder names ✅

Controlled order of articles #

  • introduce means of ordering contents of a folder (currently just alphabetical)
  • series.json in each folder?
  • contains an array of object
    • key: string
    • folder: boolean
  • instead of first iterating through articles then folders, iterate through this array, using boolean to determine whether to pick folder or article
  • generate.js appends all keys not defined in series.json to the array, to ensure its completeness
  • array may be generated at build time from article timestamps or something
  • a way to get the next and previous article
  • (template that shows folder contents in series format)
  • series should include a value to turn off indexing

Protected articles #

  • articles that can only be accessed with a password, with certain query parameters, coming from certain links, etc
  • content is aes encrypted with a string containing the correct data

Custom fetching scripts in pages #

  • scripts with a certain name _fetcher.js or something
  • script can be in any subfolder or /src/pages
  • are executed at build time, can return an array of article objects to be built with a template
  • shall include markdown text, template, author and timestamp

Will probably not do lmao, just use script tag fuck you

primitive webpack type thing to import scripts into scripts #

  • i hate webpack
  • use as little as possible
  • configuration should never be touched ever
  • just used to load javascript, no funny buissness!!!

Client side search ✅ #

  • trigram matching? for every article? (postgres can do something like that fairly fast so
    • ended up being lunr
  • then render list ✅ (way to import pug snippets into js )
  • pass query parameter to client-scroll to and highlight search term

scraper improvements fixes #

  • code in headings is broken for instance
  • links in headings too

make markdown fancier #

  • scrape external sites linked to in da blog
  • twitter embeds
  • use article.json to generate embeds for links to this site

and finally make a hundred epic templates #

  • support for multiple templates hmm

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